Gas Attendant Paid For Woman’s Fuel, Is Rewarded With 8 Years Of Salary


When a woman forgot her credit cards at home, a gas station employee assisted her in paying for her petrol. He had no idea, however, that he would receive a handsome prize of $US32, 972.94!

When Monet van Deventer, 21, ran out of petrol and had left all of her bank cards at home, Nkosikho Mbele, 28, didn’t think twice.


Monet’s petrol was eventually paid for by the kindhearted gas station employee, who paid US$6.31 to ensure that she could drive out of the dreaded Khayelitsha township and arrive at her destination safely with a full tank.

The woman subsequently paid him back at the petrol station, but the touching story did not end there.

Nkosikho’s compassion and understanding had left an indelible impression on Monet, and she wanted to reciprocate his kindness.


She then put up a crowd-funding page to gather money for Nkosikho, and the fundraising went far better than she had anticipated.

Monet had raised US$32, 972.94 for him at the end of the fundraising campaign.


To put that in perspective, the sums are equivalent to eight years of Nkosikho’s wages!

Nkosikho was pleased when he learned about the surprise prize. This individual said that he assisted Monet because it was the appropriate thing to do.


“I was only doing what any other person would have done, from the heart,” he explained. “I feel there is no such thing as black and white, that we are all one people, and all I want to do is bring people together,” she says.

“I know how hazardous that section of the N2 is, and my trust in God told me that paying for her to go safely was the proper thing to do, so I purchased her petrol.”

Nkosikho was able to utilize this money to build a house, pay his expenses, and pay his children’s school tuition.

Furthermore, his employers at Shell, who had been inspired by him, had decided to match the donations Nkosikho received and donate the money to a charity of his choosing!


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