Mum, 24, Gives Birth To Four Kids In Three Years After Delivering Two Sets Of Twins


Nadine Robertson now has five children under the age of five, all of whom she says were born naturally, and she says she is frequently accosted by strangers who inquire about them while she is out.

After having two sets of twins, resulting in a chaotic family with five children under the age of five, a young mother says it’s “crazy but I love it.”


Nadine Robertson, 24, had four children in three years and claims she is often stopped when she goes out because she is so uncommon.

Isla, her oldest daughter, is four years old, and she has two sets of twins.

Olivia and Ivy were born on the same day as their older sister in 2018, while Cody and Hazel were born only 10 weeks ago.


Both pairs of twins were produced naturally, according to Nadine from Doncaster.

Nadine said that she now has a house with five children under five

“To be honest, I simply wing it every day,” she admitted.


“When I wake up, I hope the rest of them are in a good mood and willing to assist me.”

“It’s insane, but I enjoy it.”


Nadine and her 31-year-old husband, Phil Banks, are the only twins in their families.

The kids are spread out around their four-bedroom house, with each set of twins sharing a room and Isla having her own.

Mum gives birth to two sets of twins in three years

When Nadine goes out with both sets of twins, she says she frequently receives remarks from strangers who approach her on the street.

“Every time I go out, people stop me on the street,” she added.

“As soon as people saw two infants in the pram and I have the other two little children with me, they always make a comment.”

She said that both sets of twins were conceived naturally

Despite the numerous remarks, Nadine does not believe it is unusual to have multiple twins, since she has seen many on social media.

“It doesn’t feel that strange to me because I’m on a number of twin mom Facebook groups and see a lot of women with two sets of twins,” Nadine added.

“However, I’m sure it’s not that normal for others.”

Nadine with her two sets of twins

The queries vary from their behavior to whether or not the children are the consequence of IVF.

“I get that all the time, mostly from older folks, asking if I had IVF, which I didn’t,” Nadine explained.

“When the first person questioned me about my first set, I was completely taken away.

“It’s strange because if you just had one child, no one would ever question, “Were they natural or did you utilize IVF?”

“However, I get that all the time, especially now that I have two sets, and I know people are simply interested”.


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