Siblings Repair Shoes After School Daily To Cover School Expenses, Heartwarming Photos Went Viral And Netizens Are Touched


While other children are occupied with tuition lessons or other after-school activities, these two siblings from Palawan, Philippines, prefer to earn money by repairing shoes.

Manuelita and Micko Borbon, unlike many pupils from more wealthy and affluent households, cannot afford to take a break or participate in extracurricular activities after school.


According to a viral Facebook post, the two brothers must immediately travel to their family’s shoe repair shop to mend some shoes. It is their sole means of supplementing their income to pay for school projects, transportation, and other school-related expenditures.

Manuelita, 13, and her brother Micko, 12, are students at Palawan National High School in Grades 8 and 7.

They are the oldest and youngest of four siblings. To support their family of six, their parents, Emmanuel and Mary Ann Borbon, mend shoes at their store. It is the principal source of income for the pair.


Their family is too impoverished to purchase a home and makes do with a makeshift modest house on Wescom Road in Barangay San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City. It’s also where they established their shoe repair business.

Unfortunately, the shoe repair company does not always draw a steady stream of consumers in desperate need of repairs.


The business is not a reliable source of revenue, which is why the family is struggling to make ends meet.


When Manuelita and Micko learned that their parents needed assistance at their shoe repair store, they went right there to assist them.


They fund their education fees with the money they make by assisting their parents and sewing shoes after school.

According to their mother, the two diligent siblings taught themselves how to mend shoes by watching their parents.

It’s lovely to watch the two siblings pitch in after school to help their parents and earn money on their own.

Many kindhearted people have stepped forward to offer assistance to Manuelita and Micko, including their school principle, Dr. Eduardo Santos, thanks to a concerned Facebook user who observed them outside their family’s business.

Dr. Eduardo stated that they will investigate all options for assisting the Borbon family and improving their living circumstances.

Manuelita and Micko, who both aspired to be soldiers one day, hoped that their narrative would encourage others in similar situations to never give up on their education and to always assist their parents.


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