The Story of a Man With Down Syndrome Who Got 2 Gifts From Destiny: a Dream Job and the Love of His Life


Jake Pratt, a 21-year-old guy, was told he would never achieve his ambitions or contribute to society, but he proved his critics wrong one by one.

And, most recently, he accomplished something few believed he was capable of: he got a job.


Jake Pratt, 21, was born with Down syndrome in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. His parents were taken aback by the prognosis, which they felt would cast a dark shadow over his life.

Doctors even informed his family, according to his sister Amy Hyde, that he would never be “a productive member of society.” “[The doctor] warned that his handicap would prevent him from leading a normal life, and that he would perhaps need to be hospitalized,” she recounted.

But nothing could be farther from the truth: Jake is doing incredibly well and has his family’s full support.


“My family has always believed that Jake is no different from you or me, and that there are no boundaries to what he may do,” Amy says.

Jake is said to have recently started working for UPS as a package delivery driver.


Jake’s sister posted a photo of him on Twitter, thanking UPS for “supporting diversity in the workplace” and applauding him for his dedication.


“He likes his new work, running packages up to 8 hours every day,” she stated. That’s after working at the golf course from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. every morning.”


Jake has never complained about being born with Down syndrome, and he has always tried to make the most of things.

“He wanted to play high school football when others believed it was impossible, but he did it,” his sister said. “He wanted to score a touchdown in a game, and he did.” He desired to attend college, and he did so. He desired to earn his driver’s license, and he aced the exam with a perfect score of 100.”

Jake’s new employment is beneficial to his personal growth and allows him to meet new people. Jake has always valued social interaction, and his coworker Richard has become a close buddy.

Jake has not only met his career objectives, but he has also discovered the love of his life. Jake has been in a relationship with his shy girlfriend Grace since high school.

They are, however, a fantastic fit, and Grace was the one who took the initiative and encouraged her to dance. They’re more in love than ever, and they recently celebrated Thanksgiving as a couple. The two lovers wish to spend the rest of their lives together and dream of a lovely wedding.


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