Using All Savings From Piggy Bank, This Little Boy Buys Bike For Gas Station Employee

Vaughn Fish, from Gillitts, South Africa, learned about compassion from his mother, Mandy Fish. Her Facebook post received thousands of views and likes after she recounted the story. “We met a nice man called Tony at the Caltex near the fire station around 2 months ago.

Vaughn was unwell, but the attendant had him laughing and happy in no time. We’ve been going to the station on a regular basis since then, and Vaughn is always on the lookout for his new friend. Tony is always willing to talk to Vaughn about the many bikes we bring to Giba and back, and he listens patiently as he talks.”

He even requested his new acquaintance to do him a favor and keep an eye out for a “fairly priced bike.” Vaughn, of course, was eager to assist him. Vaughn had been gathering “silver coins” around the home in order to save money for a family vacation.

He had a good aim to provide for others even when he was young. And by the time he met Tony, he had amassed quite a collection. Tony’s mother could not be more pleased of her son since he wanted to purchase him a bike.

A vacation is nice, but being a benefit to others is far more valuable than any amount of money. He came up to me one night and asked whether I really wanted a vacation, and when I questioned why, he said he’d rather use his funds to help Tony obtain his bike. So we broke up the piggy bank today and brought all the silvers to Game, where he bought a bicycle for his pal.”

Tony was overjoyed with the present, and they were all smiling in their group photo. The goodwill of the youngster impacted everyone who saw the message, but none of them was more proud than Mandy. “…it will be years before your mother permits you to use Facebook, but when you do, know that today, more than any other day on this planet, my heart is the most full and proud of you it has ever been.”

Continue to be generous with your time and money, and remember that providing joy to others may offer you joy as well.

Game Stores, where Vaughn bought the bike, picked up on the narrative, brightening up an already wonderful meeting. It only goes to show that compassion can be both free and well executed. Being a blessing to others may begin as early as childhood. All we have to do now is support it.


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