Strangers Learn Great-Grandmother Struggles To Raise 6 Children And Appear With Every Present She Needs


Even though life can be difficult at times, caretakers should never give up. Ella Setzler, a 72-year-old woman from Las Vegas, Nevada, was well aware of this. She was not only the mother of six children, but they were also her great-grandchildren. Setzler fed them, cleaned for them, and made sure they had a secure foundation in life so they could go on to enjoy happy lives.

But for anyone, especially a septuagenarian, that’s a lot of labor. Furthermore, Setzler is a military widow, and her own salary was insufficient to cover all of the costs of raising six children. Setzler’s home had a water leak that would cost $900 to fix, on top of her typical rent, car, utilities, and childcare expenditures. Sadly, despite her best efforts to provide for her great-grandchildren, she was unable to keep up with all of the expenses.


Setzler’s best friend Alice stepped in at that point. When she could, Alice would assist her buddy, but when things became too much for her, she wrote to FOX5’s Surprise Squad and requested assistance. “She’s hurting, and I’m hurting because I can’t assist her,” she explained.

The Surprise Squad arrived at Setzler’s house a few days before Christmas in 2018, and she immediately burst into tears.

She recognized Alice as the person who had written in, and the two best friends shared an intense hug when she arrived.


Setzler received a slew of gifts from the Surprise Squad to assist her and her family get back on their feet.

Setzler revealed a little about her predicament after the Surprise Squad arrived at her residence, but she didn’t want to go into too much detail. She stated, ”


“They are extremely important to me. They hold a special place in my heart. It was up to me to save them.”

The FOX5 team then revealed that they had some surprises in store for Setzler and her family. To begin with, Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada and Aqua Plumbing agreed to remedy the house’s water problem for free. The squad also came in and decorated the house. They not only completed a deep clean beforehand, but they also brought in new furniture and decorated the house for the holidays. They then piled presents beneath the tree for Ella’s entire family, including $500 gift cards for each child.


The team also understands the value of self-care, so Setzler was taken to a spa day to ensure she felt pampered. While the workers worked on the house, a limousine arrived and carried her away.

But what is the most precious gift of all? United Nissan covered the rent for the entire year. Setzler was overtaken with emotion to the point of crying happily:

“My prayers have been heard by the Lord!” Trust in the Lord, and He will provide for you. He cleared the path for me.”


Despite the lavish gifts, Setzler has instilled in her children the belief that worldly possessions aren’t important.

According to one of her great-granddaughters, who spoke to FOX5:

“It isn’t about the gifts.” It’s all about caring for your loved ones.”

Setzler’s narrative has captivated readers and viewers all across the world.

“Just seeing the LORD’S goodness through the love of a friend made me cry the entire video. Ms. Alice is quite valuable. Finally, those infants broke me down. Especially when the tiny girl said it’s not about the gifts, but about loving God and knowing that HE loves you and your family. This video exemplifies what true love is all about! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!” Karen McGee made a YouTube remark.

“The odd thing is, even if this didn’t happen, she’d probably still try to get something for their Christmas. She’d most likely gone to the dollar store and scrounged together whatever she could to get them SOMETHING. God bless her “a new viewer has been added.

Finally, someone expressed gratitude to Alice for informing FOX5 about Ella’s tale.

“Let us just take a moment to thank Miss Alice for recognizing Miss Ella’s difficulties and dialing Fox’s number. We would not have known about this story if it hadn’t been for you “a commentator stated.

What an incredibly touching story! Setzler deserved this gesture of goodwill for everything she has done for her great-grandchildren. It’s also been established that Alice is one of her closest pals who genuinely cares about her.

According to the FOX5 website, the local news station launched its Surprise Squad in 2013 after being sponsored by United Nissan and America First Credit Union. Despite the fact that the outlet receives “hundreds of nominations each week,” citizens in Las Vegas are encouraged to contact the surprise squad via their website.


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