Anonymous Young Man Steps In To Pay The $65 Oversized Luggage Fee For Distressed Mom-of-3


Traveling can be both enjoyable and stressful, but for one Ryanair traveler who boarded a trip with the airline, it was more of the latter. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan arrived just in time to save her.

Stephanie, who was with her three children at the Ibiza Airport in October 2020, was attempting to catch a flight back to London Stansted Airport.


The distraught mother, on the other hand, found herself in a pickle when the airline considered her suitcase too large to be transported on board.

Stephanie only had cash with her and Ryanair informed her she could only pay the excessive luggage cost with a card, so she couldn’t pay it.

A young man is seen examining his phone at the boarding gate in a video taken by a fellow passenger. Stephanie was becoming stressed, and her two small boys roaming around the place didn’t help matters. One of her children may be seen chasing his younger sibling around the neighborhood.


“It’s fine, it’s alright,” the unidentified young man comforted her when he saw her concern. Don’t worry, I’ll cover your expenses.”

A distressed mother in an airport raking her hand through her hair while her two little kids run around

Stephanie’s day was redeemed when a generous stranger paid the £50 ($65) bill for her.


Stephanie looks at him and exclaims, “Thank you very much,” overjoyed that someone has come to her aid. As she began to cry, she hid her face in her hands, and the guy tried to console her.

The man then walks up to the counter and handed his card over to the ground crew. The tape concludes with him waiting for his payment to clear as Stephanie’s older kid attempts to console his little sibling. “No, no,” the tiny child answered, “Mama is unhappy.”

A young man paying for his co-passenger's excess baggage fee

The film was uploaded on social media by Twitter user @CoolCalmPoch, who praised the man for his good act.

“Congratulations to this young hero for paying the outrageous Ryanair baggage fees for a distraught woman flying with three children (who received no mercy from ground personnel).” “I’m not sure what impact a few cms would make on the trip from Ibiza to Stansted,” he wrote.


Stephanie told the Daily Mail that she was first assured by airport personnel that she didn’t need to check her suitcase.

She was later advised, however, that it was too large and that she would have to pay a price.

A distressed mother in an airport raking her hands through her hair while a young man pays for her excess baggage fee

“I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t remove my suitcase or put it in the hold when the plane was half-full,” she explained.

Stephanie currently resides in Ibiza, although she just returned to the United Kingdom to visit her family. She doesn’t travel much and hasn’t been on a plane in a long time.

“Plus, you can see on the video that I’m fairly anxious with everything that’s going on,” she recounted. “This lovely man turned around and offered to pay for my transportation — it was an incredible gesture of compassion that he didn’t have to do.” It was a bizarre experience since he appeared out of nowhere.”

A distressed woman and the Good Samaritan who paid for her excess baggage fee

Stephanie would not have been able to take her children away for the weekend if it hadn’t been for him.

When they boarded the plane, the man took a seat a few seats behind them. Stephanie wanted to offer him a hug, but Covid prevented her from doing so.

Stephanie, a mother of nine-year-old twins and a one-year-old, said she had reached out to the passenger who recorded the event. She wanted to find the young guy who had paid her extra luggage fee, but she hadn’t been able to locate him yet.

The young man at the cashier while the mom and children look on.

“It appears he wishes to remain anonymous. Stephanie said, “I just want to talk to him because I don’t think he realizes how nice of a gesture it was and how much it meant to me.”

We may never know this man’s identity, since the incident occurred over a year ago, but we want him to know what a wonderful person he is!

To witness the moment he stepped in to assist his co-passenger, watch the video below.


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