Woman Buys Homeless Man A Meal And Sits With Him. Before Leaving, He Hands Her A Life-Changing Note


Joan Osborne released the top-selling single “What If God Was One Of Us” in March of 1995. The song entered the top 40 on the charts and was later nominated for three Grammy Awards.

The song’s words were heartwarming, and they encouraged listeners rethink their perspectives on the world. It was a game-changing single that made people think about how they treat others.


What if treating one another with more respect may lead to something life-changing? Casey Fischer’s life was transformed forever after she followed the song’s directions and treated a stranger with kindness.


Fischer was getting a cup of coffee at her neighborhood Dunkin’ Donuts when she observed something that would permanently impact her life. On the sidewalk, a homeless man was collecting up spare cash. She then observed him enter the building and started counting his discoveries.


When she started talking to the man, she discovered he had just around a dollar in his pocket. She decided to treat him to a beverage and a bagel for breakfast out of the goodness of her heart.

Fischer requested the man to sit down and talk with her after she made her decision. He concurred.


She learnt the homeless man’s name during their conversation: Chris. Chris expressed his dissatisfaction with the way he was treated by people because of his homeless condition.

He also spoke openly about his drug addiction and how it transformed him into someone he didn’t recognize. He had lost his mother to cancer, but he had always wished to make her proud. Before Fischer realized she was late for class, the two talked for over an hour. Chris then told her to hold on a second.


Before she departed, she saw Chris scrawl something on an old receipt, which he handed to her.

He grinned and walked away after apologizing for his sloppy calligraphy. Fischer wasn’t expecting the touching message she was about to receive when she opened the note.

“I wanted to kill myself today, but thanks to you, I don’t have to,” the note added. “Thank you, lovely lady.”

Who knew that sharing a bagel and a cup of coffee with a complete stranger would have such a profound effect on her life?



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