Black Mother Is Criticized for Adopting Two White Siblings: ‘Did You Steal’ Them?


People have slammed a black mother from Connecticut for adopting two white brothers. Despite the unfavorable feedback, she remains a loving mother to her two children.

Kimberly Holden isn’t your typical black woman. She has always desired to adopt children since she was a small child.


Her aunts, who had adopted children and adored them all, were also a source of inspiration for her.

She had been married for three years but was unable to persuade her spouse to adopt children throughout that time. In 2011, she began her adventure as a foster parent after her divorce. However, motherly feelings quickly overtook her, and her wants grew stronger.

Kimberly Holden pictured with her two kids, Elizabeth and Edgar Holden. | Photo:

She chose to take a year off after fostering children for a while and reuniting them with their biological families. Kimberly explained that she received a sign from God that a youngster needed her assistance, and it was then that she came upon Elizabeth. She went on to say:


“Elizabeth and I didn’t mind that we looked different since all we could see were each other’s hearts (which were identical).”

A social worker brought Elizabeth, whom she affectionately refers to as Lizzie, to Kimberly when she was only 8 months old. She was able to form a strong motherly attachment with her daughter because to her experience as a foster parent.


On October 30, 2015, Kimberly adopted Elizabeth. The mother-daughter combination was teased, looked at, and asked strange questions whenever they were seen together. Some people assumed she was her nanny or that she had stolen a gorgeous white child.


Despite the criticism she’s received over the years, she persists in her belief that love transcends skin color.


Kimberly was approached by the same social worker again after welcome Elizabeth into her life, this time with regard to some more adoption papers that needed to be signed. It was at that point that she learned about Edgar, Lizzie’s infant brother.

Kimberly was approached by a social worker who said that he needed someone to look after him and asked if she could help. She was hesitant at first since she didn’t know if she could care for a baby while working, but she soon made up her mind.

Kimberly’s family was complete on July 6, 2018, when Edgar Holden entered her life. Naturally, the criticism increased now that she had two gorgeous children. Some even wondered why Edgar appeared to be “whiter” than his sister.

Kimberly revealed that the most of her criticism came from black individuals who criticised her for not adopting black children and instead favoring white ones. What they didn’t realize was that the state where she resided had a sizable white population.

The birth mother of Elizabeth and Edgar is a Puerto Rican, Greek, and Cherokee woman. One of the reasons Kimberly’s bundles of joy were often considered as outcasts was because of this. Even as a foster parent, she had never given children special care.

The mother of two also said that she’s been called some of the most heinous things, including racially discriminatory names, throughout the years. Even worse, because of her adoptive choices, black people assumed she wanted to be white.

Despite this, Kimberly is a loving mother to Elizabeth and Edgar, and she chronicles her experience on YouTube and Instagram. Despite the criticism she’s received over the years, she persists in her belief that love transcends skin color.


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