Boss Calls In Struggling Lunch Lady To Work Emergency Shift — Gifts Her Brand New SUV


Christmas is a time for giving, but it’s also a reminder for many individuals that they may not have much. As a result, several efforts exist to assist those who are experiencing financial hardship over the holiday season. This 2018 tale is a great illustration of it.

Back in 2018, East Idaho News reporter Nate Eaton was the public face of an anonymous Secret Santa operation that handed away a quarter-million dollars in cash and a few automobiles. Cheryl Stewart, the “lunch lady” at Teton High School’s cafeteria, was one of the happy recipients of this genuine Christmas joy. Stewart had been going through a terrible time in her life for a variety of reasons, and when her car broke down, the school wanted to assist her out.


As a result, the school banded together and planned a surprise for Stewart just in time for the holidays. According to Inside Edition, her manager called her in one day with the pretext that she needed to perform an emergency shift. She had no idea what was about to happen. When she arrived at the school, she was welcomed by a TV crew who handed her the keys to her new car, a beautiful new SUV.

Stewart shouted and teared up because she couldn’t believe it. She was overjoyed and deeply thankful. Who wouldn’t be, right? A fresh new SUV is an extremely costly present! This beautiful story serves as a poignant reminder that the holidays are about giving, especially to those in need. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got.

Stewart’s life had been extremely challenging throughout the holiday season. Her spouse was unable to work at the time due to his disease and lupus. In addition, Stewart’s automobile had broken down, forcing her to borrow a car from relatives in order to get to work, according to Inside Edition. She not only worked at Teton High School, but she also worked a variety of other jobs to help support her family through their difficult times.


In addition, Stewart was a cancer survivor herself. Because she couldn’t afford to take a day off work, she had surgery planned for the Christmas break. When the school closed that week, she was already planned to be off.

Stewart was given a little Christmas gift box after arriving to the school and being greeted by the local television crew on behalf of the mysterious Secret Santa. She opened the box in front of the cameras as she stood in the school kitchen, and to her surprise, there was a vehicle key. Stewart burst into tears of pleasure when the news anchor stated, “Secret Santa brought you a vehicle.” She went on to tell how she had borrowed a car from her parents only to get to work.


The anonymous Secret Santa gave a much-needed respite in her and her husband’s lives when they couldn’t get a break themselves. Reliable transportation is really useful, and knowing that there is someone out there who genuinely cares is a great psychological lift.

There are a lot of folks out there that are fighting to get by. Unfortunately, a lot of tales about “the most Christmas-y spot in America” are about over-decorated locations. It isn’t generally about a situation where a wealthy individual decides to actually play Santa for others in need.


This story, however, is an outlier. This isn’t a one-time occurrence. Stewart is one of many persons in the community who is in need, and she was happily given some much-needed Christmas happiness to make her life easier for the time being.

In fact, East Idaho News tracked her out in 2020, two years after Secret Santa gave her the automobile. Stewart discussed her life since then in a conversation with Eaton, who had given her the automobile. She continued by saying that she still drove the automobile and that it is “wonderful.” She also mentioned how having a reliable automobile allowed her and her husband to drive their expectant daughter to checkups and not miss out on any unique family moments.

Stewart’s son-in-law, on the other hand, died unexpectedly in 2020, which was a terrible turn of events. Her daughter and two children moved live with Stewart and her husband after that. She said that she has subsequently cut back on some of her jobs in order to be a better support to her daughter, and the automobile has been a huge assistance in that regard.

Stewart gave some solid advice towards the end of the interview. She stated, ”

“Thank you, Secret Santa, for such a thoughtful present. And there are instances when we are unsure of what we require and must rely on someone else to provide it.”


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