Pregnant Man Gave Birth To A Beautiful Baby, “My Dreams Of Parenthood Come True”


Danny was inundated with hostile texts every single day of his pregnancy.

In a recent deo, the TkTokker, who identifies as a transmasculine, non-binary, solitary, queer father and uses they/he pronouns, made the heartbreaking reelation.


“Everyone kept telling me that they wished I’d miscarry and terminate my kid,” they explained.

“But I didn’t, and I gave birth to the most beautiful baby… who has already transformed the world because hate continues to generate the deepest kind of change.” Loe will always take the lead.”

“I got pregnant barely two months after I stopped taking testosterone hormones.”


Danny began his quest to parenting in early 2020, barely two months after ceasing hormone medication for the first time in nne years.

Danny’s desire of having a child of their own had been realized when they were given a donor they “didn’t pick” and don’t know where they are.


“Carrying my child in my non-binary body was terrifying at first, but it resulted in so much beauty,” the single parent continued.

Danny said in a separate video that they had bodily dysphoria (stress caused by a disparity between a person’s assigned gender and their gender identity) as a result of the alterations their bodies endured during pregnancy.


“When I stopped taking testosterone, my body weight rebounded, and I lost a significant amount of muscular mass. But the absence of language in the birth world also produced a lot of dysphoria, something I didn’t expect. At the end of the day, the euphoria I felt from carrying the pregnancy outweighed the dysphoria 100 percent.”


“Some guys give birth – I did, and it was the most profound experience of my life,” says the author.

Danny gave birth in a pool in their living room following a 10-hour labor at home.

They were accompanied by two mothers, a birth partner, and their parents, who were ecstatic to see their grandson.

“During my pregnancy, I kept telling my mother, ‘I can’t do this,’ and she kept telling me, ‘Danny, you are doing this, they said. However, now that I’ve gotten through it, I can say that giving birth was one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had.”

“Some boys give birth – I did, I gave birth to my lovely kid at home on the sea, and it transformed my life… it was the most meaningful experience of my life.”

Danny decided to discuss about using gender-neutral pronouns when Baby Wlder arrived in the world – with the delighted parent immediately falling in love.

Danny is currently occupied with raising Little Wlder and is already considering having additional children.

“I can’t wait to do it all over again; it was a wonderful experience — I definitely want more children.”


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