Waitress Who Was Left $4,400 Tip By Stranger Is Fired After Boss Ordered Her To Share It With Colleagues


A WAITRESS was dismissed after her manager asked her to split a $4,400 tip she received from a stranger with her coworkers.

On Friday, RB was one of two servers at OT in Bentonville, Arkansas, waiting on a group of more than 40 individuals.


When it came time to pay the bill, each diner gave a $100 tip to the two waiters, totaling $4,400.

“It was a great thing to do, and seeing her reaction was awesome, to realize what it meant to her, the impact it’s already had on her life,” GW, one of the diners, recounted.

GW, who owns a real estate firm, said he contacted ahead to inquire about the tipping policy to ensure that everything went properly.


However, he informed Nexstar’s KNWA that things did not proceed as planned.

“I was promised that I would hand over my money to my shift manager and receive a 20% pay raise,” BRr said.


As he handed the money to RB and another waitress, they were both in tears.

However, RB alleges that soon after, restaurant supervisors told her she’d have to divide the tip with all of her coworkers, something she claims has never happened in her three-and-a-half years there.


“I was informed that I was going to give my cash over to my shift manager and that I would be taking home 20%,” the University of Arkansas graduate, who is in her early 30s, told Fox 59.

Brandt said she was dismissed as a result, leaving her unable to pay her payments.

“It was heartbreaking since I had taken out a lot of college loans.” Because of the epidemic, most of them were turned off, but they’ll be switched back on in January, which is a hard truth,” stated RB.

RB said she was fired because she broke the restaurant’s rules by notifying GW about the tip pooling.

KNWA inquired about this with OT. They rejected an interview but issued the following statement to KNWA:

“At the conclusion of their meal, this huge group of diners requested that their tip be presented to two specific waiters.

We complied with their demands completely. We do not reveal the specifics behind an employee’s departure out of respect for our highly valued team members.”

GW has now launched an online fundraising drive to assist RB.


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