Groom Disappears During Wedding Photography Shoot When Bride Sees Him Rescuing Child After He Falls Into Pond


Weddings are a time of pleasure and celebration, but more significantly, they are a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone who attends. Some weddings are more distinctive than others, and it all depends on the couple’s preferences and whims. However, a couple from Kitchener, Canada, demonstrated that a wedding can take on a life of its own when you least expect it.

Clayton and Brittany Cook, an Ontario couple, had only recently married in September 2017. They continued on to the next portion of their day, shooting wedding photos by a scenic bridge before heading to their reception, still deliriously joyful.


Brittany looked back to see Clayton was vanished, and she wondered what had happened. He had witnessed a possible tragedy unfold right in front of his eyes and was determined to prevent it from becoming a catastrophe! Clayton had observed a few toddlers playing around the pond as the couple was posing.

He made sure that nothing went wrong, but when he noticed that one of the little boys had fallen in the pond and was unable to swim, he did not hesitate to leap in to save him. Thankfully, the problem was handled quickly, and the small youngster in the water escaped injury.

According to their Facebook page, Darren Hatt, the owner of Hatt Photography, a Newfoundland-based firm that specializes in innovative lifestyle documentary photography, recorded the remarkable event. Darren gave an exclusive interview to Apost on the events of the day.


In a communication to the Apost editorial staff, Darren Hatt exclusively revealed that he was photographing the couple after their ceremony and before they proceeded to their reception.

“I was photographing the bride by myself (very much the same shot that was duplicated in the painting, which I obtained from some random individual on the internet) when the bride called out to Clayton, who was already aiding the kid,” he explained.


“By the time I swung around (since my back was to him), he was already dragging the tiny man out of the water,” he said.


Clayton, thankfully, “wasn’t completely submerged in the water (as the small child was),” and “it was only his bottom portion of his legs and he didn’t bother cleaning anything afterward.”


However, as Darren pointed out, this had no effect on their photo shoot “After that, we kept taking shots until it was time for supper. After that, I kept the photographs above the belt to avoid any damp clothing.”

The photographs that result are incredibly breathtaking, and Darren’s photograph of the bride has even inspired someone to transform it into a painting! Needless to say, for the bride and groom, as well as Darren, this will be one of the most memorable weddings yet! The photographs rapidly went viral, as expected, because so many people across the world were moved by Clayton’s actions.

“For several minutes these kids were following us,” Clayton told BBC News, “and I was simply keeping an eye on them since they were standing close to the water.” “Then when Brittany was getting her solo photographs done, I saw just two were standing on the rock ledge,” he recalled.

He said, “I noticed a little youngster fighting to keep his head above water. I leaped down at that point.” Clayton didn’t see how he got into the water, but he did observe that there were only two lads on dry land, rather than the three he had seen before. “I noticed a young youngster fighting to keep his head above water. That’s when I took a step back… I just snatched him out of nowhere and he was OK “He went on to explain.

Brittany told CTV News that what Clayton did was just who he was and played a big role in why she fell in love with him and wanted to be with him forever. “To me, that’s Clay. It’s something he’d do on the spur of the moment.” “It was like fate, we were meant to be there,” she continued.

Thankfully, the youngster was not injured as a consequence of what occurred, but he was most certainly rattled by the event. For everyone involved, this will undoubtedly be a day to remember. Thousands of people observed Clayton’s actions and applauded his fast thinking thanks to Darren Hatt’s superb picture displaying being in the right place at the right time.


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