Rich Old Man Pretends to Be Blind to Determine Who Will Inherit His Fortune


An elderly benefactor decides to put his grandkids to the test by claiming to be blind in order to choose who will inherit his fortune.

Franklin Garson began his career as a small-time salesperson selling components to oil drillers in the 1950s, but he rose to become one of America’s wealthiest men by building oil rigs and pipelines.


Making money lost its allure for Franklin Garson after a while. He had everything he’d ever desired, as well as enough money to last three lifetimes. That’s when I realized I had a new life goal and a new passion: giving those billions away.

Franklin Garson decided that to get his grandchildren to reveal their true character he had to trick them | Source:

Franklin rose to prominence as one of the world’s most generous philanthropists, particularly in the area of homelessness. His grandpa told him stories about being homeless during the Great Depression, and he understood the plight of the poor.

When Franklin reached the age of 85, he felt it was time to hand up the reins. Because none of his two sons had ever shown an interest in the business or in his foundations, he decided to choose one of his grandkids to lead it.


He has two grandkids, Wesley, 23, and Gina, 24, who were cousins rather than siblings. Franklin adored and spoiled his grandkids, but he was firm in his belief that they should forge their own paths in life.

So, despite being the heirs to a millionaire, Gina and Wesley didn’t have a lot of money to spend on status symbols or fancy automobiles. Franklin provided for their schooling, but he also wanted them to understand how much it took to live.


Franklin now had to decide which of the two would be in charge of the foundation. Both appeared to be educated, courteous, and charming, but were they really? He’d spent decades bargaining with wheeler-dealers and understood how deceptive individuals could be.

Was one of his grandkids untrustworthy? Is it possible that neither of them would drop the mask in front of him? Franklin had a brilliant notion that he put into a well-thought-out strategy.


He began by calling his grandson. “”I need to see you, Wesley!” he said. You know, I’ve been considering leaving the foundation, particularly after this procedure…”

Wesley inquired, “Operation? Grandpa, did you have surgery? Is everything well with you?”

Franklin said, “Oh absolutely.” “My eyes were operated on. For the next two weeks, I won’t be seeing much, but my health is as excellent as it can be. So, how about we get together for lunch tomorrow?”

Wesley consented, and Franklin’s chauffeur picked him up in the limousine the next day and drove him to the restaurant. Wesley indicated his anxiety by hugging his grandfather, who was wearing dead-black wrap-around sunglasses.

When they believe no one can see them, they will unveil themselves.

“Don’t worry, my buddy,” Franklin responded, “a few days and I’ll be great,” he said, “but how about you read me the menu?”

So Wesley did, cutting his grandfather’s steak and making sure he knew where his wineglass was.

Franklin took out his wallet, groped for a credit card, and paid for the dinner at the conclusion of the meal. When he stood up, Wesley gave him his arm and guided him through the maze of tables.

Wesley glanced around for the limousine as they went out. “It appears that your driver has yet to arrive, grandfather,” he remarked.

“Let’s go for a stroll!” Franklin remarked. They were suddenly interrupted by the sound of a capella singing. Franklin came to a halt. He yelled out, “What a lovely voice!”

Wesley explained, “It’s some homeless guy on the corner.” “He’s pleading,” says the narrator.

Franklin insisted on being led to the singer by Wesely, and he listened intently until the man ended.


“”This man is NOT a beggar,” Franklin said Wesley. He’s given me a lot of joy.” Franklin took his wallet from his pocket and handed it over to his grandson. “Please take the money and hand it over to him.”

Wesley spotted a pile of $100 notes in his grandfather’s wallet as he opened it. It appeared to be worth well over $1000! “You want me to give everything to that homeless guy?” Wesley was perplexed.

Franklin grinned as he answered, “Yes, please.” Wesley stared at the money, then at his grandfather, before hastily removing the wad of cash, peeling out $100, and stuffing the remainder into his jacket pocket.

Weasley shouted loudly, “Here you go, my good fellow,” as he shoved the $100 into the man’s begging cup. “This was given to me by my grandfather.” He stroked his jacket pocket and grinned to himself, but he had no idea that his grandfather was watching him over his thick glasses.

Franklin brought his granddaughter Gina out to lunch the next day, and things continued in the same manner. Franklin recommended they go for a stroll after they departed since Gina was caring and supportive, and wanted to help her unfortunate ‘blind’ grandfather.

Franklin urged Gina to lead the homeless man closer to him since he was singing again in the corner. “Oh, Grandpa, you have a beautiful voice! That gifted individual should not be on the streets!”

Franklin drew out his wallet and said, “Please, Gina, take out the cash and give it to him.” Gina and her grandfather listened to the homeless singer arm in arm, and after he ended, Franklin brought out his wallet and said, “Please, Gina, take out the cash and give it to him.”

Gina took the bundle of cash from her wallet and carefully placed it in the singer’s palm. “You have a fantastic voice, sir. Thank you a lot!”

Franklin was glad he was wearing his sunglasses because tears welled up in his eyes.

Franklin summoned his two grandkids over for a visit later that evening and informed them that he had made up his mind. “You have,”

Wesley enthusiastically inquired. “Who is in charge of the foundation?”

“I had considered putting the foundation in the hands of one of you and distributing the money evenly between you,” Franklin explained, “but I’ve changed my mind.”

“Gina, you will administer the foundation, and the entire estate will be yours when I die.”

Wesley yelled, “Gina? How come Gina? So, how about me? What do I get?”

With a shake of his head, Franklin expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation. “You are my grandson, Wesley, and I adore you. In my will, I have already provided you with a monthly stipend for the rest of your life.”

“However, Grandpa, why?” Wesley enragedly inquired. “Why not me?” says the speaker.

Franklin reached up and slid his black spectacles off his face. His pupils were dilated and his eyes were brilliant and piercing. “Because I don’t have faith in you, Wesley. You failed the exam that I set in front of you.”

Wesley had a scarlet blush. “But…do I still get that allowance from the estate?” “But…do I still get that allowance from the estate?”

With a smile, Franklin responded, “Indeed.” “Every month, you’ll get precisely what you gave the beggar: $100.”

Wesely was dissatisfied, but Franklin refused to budge, even when Gina pleaded with him. After all, what’s fair is what’s fair.


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