The Truth About Jason Momoa And Lenny Kravitz’s Relationship


If it weren’t for the fact that both Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa were married to actress Lisa Bonet, the two men might never have met.

Kravitz and Bonet married in 1987 and had a daughter named Zo Kravitz. Years later, the couple split, but they eventually reconciled and rekindled their friendship for the sake of their daughter.

Jason Momoa posing

According to the Independent, Bonet met Momoa in 2004 and the two started dating right away, though she subsequently claimed that they weren’t entirely over over heels right away. They were, however, committed to growing and discovering together, and in 2017, they married and welcomed two children together.

Over time, it’s become evident that Jason Momoa and Lenny Kravitz have accomplished something that many blended families struggle to achieve: a sincere friendship that centers and prioritizes the family they all share. Despite the fact that Bonet and Momoa just announced their personal split, there are many grounds to believe that their relationship will last.

Jason Momoa was immediately liked by Lenny Kravitz.

Lenny Kravitz wearing glasses

As Lisa Bonet’s ex-husband and the father of their daughter together, it’s understandable that Lenny Kravitz would have some thoughts on Jason Momoa when he and Bonet announced their relationship. Fortunately for everyone involved, Kravitz was a huge fan of Momoa from the outset.

In an October 2020 interview with Men’s Health, Kravitz revealed that he and Momoa get along so well because it’s what’s best for everyone, including his daughter, Zo. He said, “People can’t believe how close Jason and I are, or how close I am with Zo’s mother, or how well we all get along. We just do it because it’s what you’re supposed to do.”


Kravitz admitted that he and Bonet had to work through their own personal issues following their divorce, but by the time she met Momoa, that was no longer an issue, allowing him to focus only on the actor. Given that admission, it’s not surprise that the two of them clicked straight away. According to Kravitz, “But what about Jason and me? We were like, ‘Oh, yeah.’ from the moment we met. ‘I’m a huge fan of this guy.’”

People adore Jason Momoa and Lenny Kravitz’s brotherly relationship.

Lenny Kravitz attending an event

Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa’s friendship was so strong early on that it was easy for the two to identify as family, no matter how unconventional it seemed to others. Kravitz celebrated Momoa’s birthday on Instagram in August 2021 with a remark that started a full-fledged internet celebration of the woman they both adored. According to Kravitz, “@prideofgypsies, happy birthday! I’m honored to have you as a brother. One family, one love.”

Fans were ecstatic to see yet another demonstration of the two men’s friendship, and they appropriately began applauding Lisa Bonet as a result. Bonet’s abilities, as one woman put it on Twitter, are “awesome.” “Lenny Kravitz actually sets the standard for all guys, while Lisa Bonet is why they coined the term ‘life goals,’” tweeted writer Tara Dublin.

Celebrities joined in the fun as well, with actress Holly Robinson Peete tweeting her support for the family. She penned, “Listennn… Lisa Bonet’s [flower emoji] on Twitter is fantastic.”


Jason Momoa and Lenny Kravitz have a ‘family love’.

Jason Momoa attending an event

Both Jason Momoa and Lenny Kravitz have made it clear that merging their families together is a top goal for them. To that end, Lisa Bonet said in an interview with Porter magazine in 2018 that the threesome focused a lot of effort on developing a genuine shared love. “It’s amazing,” she remarked simply. “It’s full-on family love.”

Kravitz said on “Oprah’s Master Class” that he and Momoa had accomplished what many former couples with children believe is impossible, and that it feels amazing to have done it. He revealed that he and Bonet had reconnected and are now best friends, before adding, “We’re all together now — her husband, her children, Zoe, and me — and we’re one big, happy family. It’s lovely, and it simply goes to demonstrate what can be done.”

Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa have always put their family first.

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In June 2013, Lenny Kravitz made his first public statement on Jason Momoa, which came years after Momoa and Lisa Bonet began dating.

Kravitz discussed his “wonderful” relationship with Bonet with “Oprah’s Master Class,” saying, “She truly helped me bring out the best in me and encouraged me.” He then revealed that he now believes their relationship was just for the purpose of bringing their daughter into the world.

Of course, both men have made it clear to Zo Kravitz that she is a top priority in their respective lives. Momoa has looked to take his role as stepfather seriously, revealing on Instagram in October 2021 that he and Zo had nicknames for each other. “So proud of you zozo bear,” he tweeted while releasing the trailer for “The Batman,” a film in which Zo stars.

Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa have matching rings.

Jason Momoa smiling

Jason Momoa and Lenny Kravitz’s friendship has spanned more than just talking nice things about each other in interviews and on social media. In December 2018, the two decided to make things official (as pals!) by wearing matching skull rings. On Instagram, Momoa posted a shot of the two holding fists and wearing rings with skulls prominently visible text. “I’m a major fan of the artists I meet on Instagram,” he wrote in the post, adding, “I got @lennykravitz a present made by @leroyswoodentattoos.”

Momoa also revealed that he and Kravitz were spending time together because the latter paid him a visit while he hosted “Saturday Night Live.” When Kravitz posted a selfie from backstage inside the studio on Instagram with the message, “My brother @prideofgypsies is doing his thing right now on @nbcsnl,” he confirmed the rumor.

Now that Momoa and Lisa Bonet have announced their breakup, let’s hope they stay friends.


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