Heartbreaking Video Of Ukrainian Father Saying Goodbye To His Evacuating Daughter

Many families in Ukraine are fleeing for protection and refuge in a ‘safe zone’ in order to withstand Russia’s attack.

After receiving orders from President Vladimir Putin, Russia launched a large-scale military strike on Ukraine, its southern neighbor, in the early hours of today.

There have been reports of strikes on Ukrainian military facilities all around the nation, as well as Russian convoys coming in from all sides. President Putin stated in a speech that Russia did not intend to invade Ukraine but would demilitarize the nation.

According to information obtained, tanks and personnel have rushed into Ukraine at sites along its eastern, southern, and northern borders. There have also been reports of loud explosions in Kyiv, Kramatorsk, and other cities.

Although the attack is still underway, this commentary was prompted by a video of a Ukrainian father sending his family to a safe zone. Ghgossip.com discovered the video on the bird app, which has left many on social media in tears.

As he leaves his family out to seek refuge in the safe zone, the father is seen crying as he says his goodbyes.

Watch the heartbreaking video:

Source: ghgossip.com

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