Foster Mom Fights To Adopt Baby No One Wanted – 20 Years Later, He Goes Behind Her Back And Does This


For years, one woman sought to adopt her foster son. Years later, he gave her an extraordinary gift in return for her devotion.

Over the years, Ingeborg McIntosh has had over 120 foster children come into her life.


But when Jordan, a newborn, was placed in her arms more than 30 years ago, she realized she was holding a special kid.

Creating a link McIntosh told KPHO that it was love at first sight for her when Jordan was placed in her arms.

Her affection only grew from there. Jordan was raised by his foster mother since birth, and she realized right away that she wanted to formalize their relationship.


Unfortunately, issues arose since the boy’s birth mother desired that he be reared in a specific manner.

“She wanted him to go into either an African American or a multiracial household,” McIntosh continued. But she was driven by love, and she persisted in her efforts to adopt Jordan and raise him as her own child.


Jordan’s adoption applications were eventually successful when he was four years old and no other homes had become available. McIntosh received his adoption papers, and their family was complete. She reared him for two decades in Phoenix, Arizona, and he received all of the love and security that a child needs.

A surprise for Mother’s Day


Jordan was an adult twenty years later, and his adoptive mother had acquired polycystic kidney disease. Her family discovered she needed a transplant to live. Jordan got himself tested without telling his mum to check whether he was a match right away. He gave his mother the finest possible early Mother’s Day present of all time when he found out he was pregnant: his kidney, and therefore a second shot at life.

“Hopefully, when I get older, I’ll be able to do more for her, but for now, it’s the least I can do,” Jordan told the news organization.

Jordan was certain he wanted to donate his kidney, but McIntosh had no expectations of his doing so. “I kept telling him you can back up nearly until the [surgery], and he said, ‘No mom, I want to do this for you,’” McIntosh said. “‘You let me in, and now I want to help you.’ I couldn’t ask for a more perfect son.”

The ideal present

In April of 2014, McIntosh had surgery. Jordan, who was 27 at the time, said he never second-guessed his decision to donate an organ to the lady who had given him a home. “I simply wanted to give back to her all she’s done for me since I was a kid, and show her how much I respect her,” he added. Now, he believes that this narrative will motivate others to give back as well, because everything comes full circle. “Something excellent will come your way, whether it’s right away or 27 years down the road.”

That something nice was a life-saving decision in this situation. While not everyone can do the same for a loved one, there are still numerous ways to give back and offer your heart to those in need. When a loved one is unwell, modest gestures like donating to help pay increasing medical expenses, caring for a sick parent’s family while they recuperate, or even lending a ride to a medical visit may all help.

Meanwhile, Canada is always in need of organ, blood, and tissue donors. To discover more about how you can assist, click here. You never know who’s life you’re going to affect.



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