Single Dad Gets The Best Revenge After Customer Shamed Him For Bringing His Daughter To Work


We frequently hear that being a parent is the “most difficult job on the planet.” That is correct. You’re in charge of someone’s life. You must look after and nurture something so delicate while also setting a good example for them to emulate. That’s not to mention the never-ending jobs and cleaning.

Being a parent is the most difficult job in the world, yet it also doesn’t pay well.


This implies that millions of hardworking parents will have to work a second full-time job to pay their bills and save for their children’s education. It’s a difficult responsibility for parents, especially if they don’t have a partner to help them.

While we often hear moving stories of single women breaking their backs to provide a nice life for their children, we seldom hear about single fathers. They are, nonetheless, present.

Richard Wiley is the delighted father to Ashtyn, who is five years old. Unfortunately, her mother died, leaving Richard to care for her alone. He also has a power-washing business, which keeps him busy all day.


Child care is costly, and many parents cannot afford it even if they have a well-paying work. Richard frequently brings Ashtyn with him on jobs. He claims she either sits in the car while he sprays a house or business, or she follows him inside.

Most people don’t mind a little sunshine in their lives, but one potential consumer wasn’t so keen.


They informed Richard about this.

While the customer may always be right in principle, Richard turned to Facebook to express his dissatisfaction with what they had to say – and the community reacted positively.


The shame Richard endured became well-known, and it struck a chord with many people. It’s easy to admire a parent who is trying his hardest for his daughter. Richard’s phone began to ring shortly after, and it continued to ring incessantly.

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“I have no intention of profiting off my daughter. This wasn’t supposed to be like that, was it? “‘I told ABC News,’ he said. “It opened a lot of people’s minds to the fact that single parents face similar challenges.”

With Ashtyn starting school in August, he may be able to take a breather.

He joked: “Hopefully, I’ve built up a large enough customer base that I won’t need her sales expertise any more.”



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