8-Year-Old Prays From The Roof During Flood And His Miraculous Story Is Inspiring Thousands

Madden Sanders, 8, spent hours on a roof in Waverly, Tennessee, praying to God during catastrophic flooding. And hearing about his incredible story is quite inspirational! Madden Sanders is a little boy of eight years old. And when floods hit Waverly, Tennessee, where he lives, he and his mother were separated, putting their lives in … Read more

Pregnant & Paralysed Bride Walks Down the Aisle After Being Told She’d Never Walk or Have Kids

A paraplegic bride goes down the aisle in this happy news story, despite doctors’ predictions that she would never walk again. They also declared she’d never have any more children, despite the fact that she’s expecting. And Brittney Bedwell’s remarkable tale reminds us why we should never give up! Brittney Bedwell and her little son … Read more

8-yo Girl Labeled ‘Weird’ Turned Out To Be A Child Genius With An IQ Of 162

An eight-year-old Mexican girl who was teased at school for being “strange” turned out to be a genius. She is now pursuing two engineering degrees via distance learning. Because the majority of people in our culture do not comprehend brilliant people’s characteristics, they might get alienated. Adhara Pérez, an eight-year-old Mexican girl, experienced exactly this. … Read more