Elon Musk Quietly Donated $5.7 Billion In Shares To Charity After WFP Said It Would Save 42 Million Lives

Elon Musk privately gave $5.7 billion worth of Tesla shares to charity after the World Food Programme told him that six billion dollars could practically solve world hunger. In an interview with CNN, David Beasley, executive director of the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP), said that tens of millions of people living in poverty … Read more

Virginia Teen Athlete Born Without Legs Wins State Championship: “I’ve Been Dreaming Of This”

His coach and classmates characterize him as a dedicated and energetic young man. On Saturday, Landstown High School senior Adonis Lattimore took first place in the Virginia High School Games. Despite being born with a handicap, he won the League Class 6, 106-pound weight class, according to The Virginian-Pilot. He was born with only a … Read more

88-Year-Old Grandfather Graduates On Same Day From Same University As His 23-Year-Old Granddaughter

In a move that demonstrates that you can never be too old to learn, an 88-year-old grandpa graduated from university on the same day as his 23-year-old granddaughter. Rene Neira had a good profession in finance and a family, but he had never completed his ambition of earning a bachelor’s degree in economics, the same … Read more

The Truth Behind Eminem’s Fraught Relationship With His Mother

The rapper blamed her of causing his addiction and substance usage, and he exploited every chance in his music to disparage her. Despite their animosity, mother and son were able to reconcile and forgive one another. Eminem is undeniably a complex individual. Feuds, conflicts, violence, and toxic masculine hostility have mostly defined his twenty-five-year career. … Read more

This Man Asked A Simple Question Online That Shut Down The Whole Anti-Abortion Argument

One of the most common arguments used by ‘pro-lifers’ in the heated and controversial abortion debate is that ‘life begins at conception.’ While scientists and policymakers disagree on how to define the ‘beginning of life,’ the most pressing issue is that individuals believe they have the right to tell others what to do with their … Read more