God Of War 4 PC Game Download Full Version For Free

God Of War 4 PC Game Download Full Version For Free

God of war pc game free download highly compressed

God of War 4 Pc Download series has grown into a leading game series. There are eight episodes of the God of War series and God of War 4, the most recent one. It was released in 2018 as a sequel to God of War 3.God of War 4 continues the God of War canon chronology. It differs from all previous installments. This episode focuses more on Norse mythology than on Greek mythology. This game features the older Kratos and his son Atreus. This game was released in 2018 and is only available for PlayStation 4 users. It’s a frustrating mode for gamers on Xbox and PC, but it is. If you are a fan of PC games and cannot find God of War 4 PC game for free, you can this game for free from our website, and it is very easy to this game from our website. It is very easy to download the game from our website, but if you are using our site for the first time, and you do not know how to this game, then we have explained the game rules below. You can easily download this game after playing it

God of War 4 Download is an Activity & Experiment Game created by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). It premiered on April 20, 2018 on PlayStation 4 (PS4). This is also the eighth episode in the God of War series, the eighth in chronological order, as well as the sequel to God of War III of 2010. Unlike previous games, Loosely based on Greek myths, this bundle has its own origins in Norse mythology, with most of its place in Old Norway from the Kingdom of Midgard. For the very first time in the series, there are only two protagonists: Kratos, the ancient Greek god of war who remains the only playable character, along with his baby boy Acres.

After the death of the second wife and mother of Kratos, Atreus, the traveler to satisfy his request to scatter his ashes on the maximum summit of the realms. Kratos retains his troubled past, a mystery to Atreus, who is oblivious to his divine character. Throughout their journey, they encounter monsters and deities of the world. God of War 4 highly compressed pc game download is an adventure and activity game available for several types of games. At this stage, if you are just starting out, this article will allow you to understand the different points of view identified in sport. After all, the God of War 4 Pc Game comes with an intriguing story that it can honestly tell you. Described by ingenious director Cory Barlog as a reinvention of the franchise, one big change in the game is that Kratos blatantly uses a magical battle ax in place of the double-bladed ID series. Additionally, verify that Wasteland’s two free download computer games, Advisors Cut PC, have been created with the emblem created by Fallout.

Game History:

The God of War 4 Pc download also uses a free shoulder camera, as well as the 1-shot match, instead of the cine camera adjusted in the previous entries. It was the very first 3D AAA game to use a single camera. The game also has components representative of the movie game; also, Atreus, son of Kratos, provides aid in the battle. The majority of the development team for the first game worked on God of War and made it available and analyzed. A short, separate text-based game, A Phone from the Wilds, premiered in February 2018 and followed Atreus in their very first experience. God of War 4  the Computer Utorrent is your fourth biggest game of the God of War main show and the franchise’s eighth general install. The third-person action name was devised by Sony’s Santa Monica studio, which has created the world of God of the War since his days on PlayStation 2. God of War 4 takes place in a whole new mythical universe, offering an exceptional experience of the rest of the sequence. It presents a mystery set in a delightful and dangerous universe, rich in usable content and pleasant to surprises. Not only is the sport exciting and fun, but the story is heartwarming and fair, making it one of the most powerful PlayStation games around.

Much of the story behind the God of War 4 download PC game is a puzzle, gradually revealed to the player as they progress. Set in an unknown time after God of War III, this story sees Kratos, a warrior who has become divine again but now aged, embarking on a dangerous journey filled with violence. However, instead of taking place in the realm of Greek mythology, the inexplicable events of God of War 4 take place in the lands of Norse lore. After the death of his wife Faye, Kratos and his son Atrios carry his ashes to the top of a nearby mountain. Shortly after starting his journey, Kratos attacked a mysterious enemy sent by the mighty god Odin. Fearing for their son’s safety and eager to transport Fey’s ashes up the mountain, the couple made their way to the Midgard Prairie as uncertainty awaited them.

While God of War 4 Free download pc retains the third-person action genre of its ancestors, there are a lot of things in the game that are noticeably different. Instead of using Kratos’ iconic blades, you’ll be using his new Leviathan Ax, which can be thrown and then magically brought into his hand. You’ll use the ax for both combat and exploration, slicing enemy skulls and solving environmental puzzles, respectively. Combat, in general, feels more complex than before, offering a variety of distinctive moves and abilities against tilted penetrating attacks. You can upgrade both the Leviathan Ax and other armor by befriending various blacksmiths during your adventure, as well as upgrading Kratos’ skills with gold and treasure you find in progress. of road. Atreus is also useful during battle, as his archery skills inflict widespread pain on enemies.

God of War 4 Pc Download

God of War 4 Free Download Full Pc version

The God of War 4 Free Download is based on Norse mythology. The main characters in the game include Kratos and his grandson Acres. Kratos, the Greek god of war, wanted to keep the promise of his second wife, Phi, Atreus’ mother, who had expired. Fey’s last wish was for his ashes to spread to the heights of the Realms. Kratos and Atreus hit monsters and deities around the world to reach their destination. The fact demonstrated that Atreus is a deity that Fei was a giant who decided to stay in Midgard (Middle Earth) to create Atreus, a giant component, a god and a mortal. In the long run, Kratos and Atreus sprinkled Phi’s ashes on top and returned home. Acres has recognized his abilities as well, and with his sight he can see the end of Fimbulwinter. It is also very cinematic both in the combat engagements and in the overall pacing. The entire game plays out as one continuous camera shot, only turning black when you fall in battle. This game offers an exceptional level of immersion and scale, making mega boss fights even more fun. Kratos Adventure is not only fun, but also one of the best games of the modern era. Even if you are not impressed with the combat mechanics, you will certainly enjoy innovative camera tricks and explosive boss fights.

God of War 4 Download pc game full version is a third-person action-adventure game with a free mobile camera. The good thing is that the game is presented in a continuous shot without any loading screens or camera cuts. However, you should know that this episode is for one player only. The game may look open, but it doesn’t take place in an open world. The later stages, players can unlock the fast travel feature. Previous games, players had to swim, but in this episode, they can use a boat while crossing bodies of water. In God of war 4 highly compressed players can no longer jump freely. They can only jump in specific areas such as a ledge or a rocky face. Unlike previous games which were based on Greek mythology, this one is based on Norse mythology. Throughout the game, you will encounter and fight against many Norse mythical creatures such as wolves, draggers, Elves Dark, and golfig. Kratos, the main protagonist, is players control in puzzle games and group-based battles. Players should note that the gameplay has completely changed in this game. One of the major changes is that Kratos no longer has his dual blades. Instead, he is given a magical battle ax called the Leviathan Axe. It can be thrown at enemies and summoned again.

For bigger enemies, there are precise targets. Throwing a magic ax at these targets will deal damage. Kratos receives another new weapon called Guardian Shield. It appears as a collar on his left arm, when not in use. Rage ability changed to Spartan Rage. When the Rage ability gauge is full, Kratos can use his full power while attacking enemies with his bare hands. Players are given a coin called Hacksilver that helps them buy new items. In the majority of the God of 4 pc game , players play Kratos. But there are certain times when players can also choose to passively control Atreus.

God of War 4 PC Gameplay

God of War 4 Free Download

God of War 4 Free Download Pc Game

God of War 4 Features

God of War 4 Highly Compressed is completely different from anything you’ve seen or played before. It comes with major and improved changes, making it the best game of the entire segment. Here are the main features of the game:

New weapons

  • In this game, you will find Kratos using a Leviathan axe instead of double chain blades. He also gains the Guardian Shield, which protects him from massive attacks. Other weapons include Blades of Chaos which are used for faster attacks. Kratos can also use his hands to attack enemies.

two champions

  • It is the first God of War game to feature two heroines. The game features Kratos, the main protagonist. With him you have a son Atreus. For most of the game you play Kratos, except for certain times when you can passively control his son.

boat available

  • God of War 4 Download Pc game offers players a boat to cross bodies of water. This means that you no longer need to swim. This is a new addition provided by the manufacturers.

Different difficulty levels

  • The game offers four different difficulty levels to choose from. You can choose the difficulty level based on your playing skills at the beginning of the game.

Enhanced graphics

  • The first thing you will notice about the game is the graphics. It has amazing graphics to lure players to their TV screens.

God of War 4 is one of the best adventure games you will ever play. It comes with new gameplay and features that will amaze you. The only problem is that it is available exclusively for PS4 players.

Download God of War 4 for PC

 Name- God of war 4
Initial release date- April 20, 2018
Designer- Cory Barlog
Awards- Award for Game of the Year
Series- God of War
Platforms- PlayStation 4
Developers- Santa Monica studio
Category- Action, Adventure

God of War 4 System Requirements


  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3470 3.2 GHz or AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz
  • Processor speed – information
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Graphics card: GeForce GTX 750 Ti or AMD Radeon R7 260X
  • Free disk space: 80 GB
  • Video RAM: 2 GB


  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5 GHz or AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz
  • Processor speed – information
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Graphics card: Radeon R9 290X / GeForce 970
  • Pixel shading: 5.1
  • Free disk space: 80 GB
  • Video RAM: 4 GB

God of War 4 Pros & Cons


  • Amazing environment
  • More freedom of movement
  • Incredible graphics
  • Epic battle scenes
  • Awesome boss fights
  • Addictive upgrade system
  • Very cinematic story


  • The story is not as scary as the rest of the game
  • The plot is no fence
  • Puzzles can be frustrating

How to God of War 4 Pc Download Free?

  •  Click on Download button given below
  • Your download will begin. Free installer officially created from FitPcgames.com
  • Download and install the file, then you can install the game
  •  With a good internet connection, it will be easy to download the game
  •  After the installation is complete, you can enjoy God of War 4 Free Game.
  • If you still have a problem or want to report a bug, feel free to contact us.

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Q:Can I download God of War on PC?

  •  God of War was previously only available on PS4 or PS5, but PC players now have the option to play God of War on PC and can now technically be played on PC.

Q:How big is God of War 4 PC?

  • Game size: 45 GB or more Software: pcsx4 emulator and God of War PS4 ISO file. Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti or AMD Radeon RX570.

Q:What is the development company for God of War 4?

  • God of War 4 is developed by Santa Monica Studios.

Q:What weapon did Kratos use in God of War?

  • Kratos uses a magic ax called the Leviathan ax in God of War.

Q: What is the name of Kratos’ son?

  • Kratos’ son is called Atreus.


Whether you complete the previous games or not, God of War 4 is a must for any fan of action games, cinematic adventures or Norse mythology. Besides the memorable and emotionally effective story, the map is filled with additional missions and bosses to fight, giving you dozens of hours of action-packed gameplay. The world of Midgard is incredibly deadly and beautiful to the eye, beautifully represented by great artistic design. There are plenty of fun callbacks and fan-service moments for longtime fans of the franchise, but God of War 4 is rewarding for newcomers. If you have not enjoyed before, then you should definitely have a look at God of War 4, as it is one of the best games of the generation.


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