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Honey Select 2 Download is an eroge game created by the Japanese game company H Illusion. The main objective of the game is to unlock the achievements of the game. It strives to provide a highly customizable character generator that allows you to create any girl you can imagine. As the first game to come out of FAKKU’s partnership with Illusion, Honey Select Unlimited is fully uncensored and fully English subtitled, with new assets added to the original Honey Select. Honey Select 2 Unlimited Torrent is a character creation game created by Illusion, the creators of Artificial Academy. He seeks to result in an incredibly adaptable character creator that allows you to make up any young lady you can imagine. As the base game to leave Honey Select Unlimited, it’s completely uncensored and completely English limited, with new resources included in the first game. Also ideal for virtual reality, Honey Select Unlimited Free PC game with support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Free demo is accessible to brag about photography, which is 10% of full dump material.


Honey Select 2 is an eroge virtual reality video game, released by Illusion in 29 May 2020. The game is sequel of Honey Select Pc Download which was released in 2016.Its gameplay is similar to Illusion Play Club. Players can create or edit virtual male and female models in great detail, then direct them to perform a variety of porn and fetish scenes.  In the opinion of the Destructoid reviewer, the game has achieved its goal of becoming “the finest virtual reality room-scale sex simulator on the market.”

But he noted that playing the Honey Select 2 Unlimited Edition download wasn’t a particularly sexual experience, given its unusually complex controls. Kotaku’s Jetta Jackson commented on the varying attention given to specific parts of the body – twelve standards for the breasts, two for the buttocks and none for the penis. In fact, she noted that the game made male models out of simple “floating rods” and suggested several creative options that were actually available: all that was helpful, she wrote, was to create a “vaguely female” attractive with beautiful breasts ”, which exercises With her glamorous, structured and pornographic sex.

Honey Select 2 Download


The gameplay of Honey Select 2 Download is geared towards adults, so the story is very serious. The game is to find love in a place called love hotel. Players can expect more gameplay in Honey Select 2 than in a dating game. To install and run Honey Select 2, gamers will need a computer or laptop with a 64-bit operating system. Your computer must have Microsoft Windows 7 or higher to function properly. Minimum Intel Core i3 processor required with 4GB RAM. It is recommended that players free up at least 10 GB of their storage space before installing and launching Game. The gameplay in Honey Select 2 Pc  is geared towards adults, so the story is very serious. The game is to find love in a place called love hotel. Players can expect the gameplay in Game to be more like an encounter style game.

Honey Select 2 pc Download

What’s New?

  • Honey Select 2 Libido builds on its predecessor by expanding players’ options across the game. A variety of new locations, costumes, sexual positions, and customization options give the sequel a place in the original while maintaining its simple and attractive premise.
  • Honey Select 2 Download has also updated the character builder and studio modes, simplifying players’ interaction with their new girls. The game features 11 distinct characters, although one of them actually belongs to Für, the woman who greets players as they enter the hotel. The illusion also made a massive update to the fluids, giving it a more realistic and attractive appearance. Characters can now drizzle, and female characters can drizzle. Fluids overall have seen a huge improvement, so expect everything from sweat and tears to semen to look more realistic.

Honey Select 2 Unlimited Edition Key Features

  • Honey Select  is one of the most interesting titles in the world of eroge. The appearance of the toning would be perfect in games by far, and again, in fact, this game really has a lot of substance.
  • There is no plot for the game, you meet a lady to have sex. That’s pretty much all of the plot of this current game. Either way, and frankly, a lot of people who play eroge games do so for intimate moments.
  • In Honey Select, everything revolves around these scenes, and you can create them however you want. This game allows you to change the character (s), and you will engage in sex the way you want.
  • Thanks to the ultra-precise controllers, the whole experience is exceptionally intelligent. You can choose how to do what and when you absolutely dislike many eroge titles that just give you a queue to collaborate.

Advanced Features

Honey Select 2 Free Download is a fairly new game, but even in such a short period of time the game has made a name for itself among anime players around the world. Here we have listed some of the features of Honey Select 2 that make the game a must have game for all adults.

Personality Enhancement

  • The first part of the game released in 2016 also featured a character creation feature where players could create characters on their own. With Honey Select Download , the functionality has been improved much more widely and players now have millions of customization options. With this feature, players will be able to create the character of their dreams with all of their favorite attributes.

Give character to the characters

  • players will not only be able to physically build any character they want, but also add a character to it. The personalities of all the characters make the flirting part more interesting. With the help of the player’s dream character and their dream character, the character will definitely do a lot of crazy things in the game.

Fantastic gameplay

  • The user interface of the game is very simple and it is a very easy task to navigate. The game is designed with the latest technology and therefore the character building has definitely been improved over the last version of the game. There are mini games available for the players which make the game more fun.

HD Graphics

  • All the graphics are intricately designed, which is why Part 2 of the game took almost 4 years to release. Any complaints from players about the graphics in the first part of the game have surely been resolved by the developers.

Details About Honey Select Download

Name- Honey Select 2
Initial Release Date- May 29, 2020
Genres- Anime, Mature, Simulation
Developer- illusion
Platforms- Windows platforms
Size- The file size is 22.7 GB
Player Mode- Multiplayer video game mode
Category- Simulator

System Requirements

– Minimum

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or better
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 700 / RADEON R-200 or better
  • DirectX: version 10
  • Storage: 8 GB of available space

 – Recommended 

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or better
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 700 / RADEON R-200 or better
  • DirectX: version 10
  • Storage: 8 GB of available space


  • Excellent character design system
  • The gameplay of the sex scenes is fun and more complex than expected


  • The visuals are confusing and unrefined.
  • Lack of history or motivation to return to this title

How to Honey Select 2 Free Download For Pc?

  •  Click on Download button
  • Your download will begin. Free installer officially created from
  • Download and install the file, then you can install the game
  •  With a good internet connection, it will be easy to download the game
  •  After the installation is complete, you can enjoy Honey Select 2 For PC
  • If you still have a problem or want to report a bug, feel free to contact us.

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Final Thoughts

Since the game is designed for adults, it’s not something gamers will find everywhere to download and install. If gamers were looking for this game, now they are in the right place. This game is specially designed for people who are looking to create their dream partner in a game and have a good time with them. The whole game experience of its. certainly more realistic than it is supposed to be. In just a year, It has grown into one of the most successful adult games in the gaming industry, making the game sell like hot cakes. If you are an adult who is bored with your daily life then Honey Select 2 is a must have game for you.

FAQs About Honey Select 2

Q: Can kids play Honey Select 2?

  • No, It is a game specially designed for adults.

Q:Can the game be installed on Microsoft Windows?

  • Yes, it is possible to install Honey Select 2 on a computer running Microsoft Windows.

Q:How much free space does Honey Select 2 need to download and install?

  • Players will need a minimum of 10 GB of free space to download and install the Honey Select 2 software.

Q:Under which banner has Honey Select 2 been developed?

  • It is developed and released under the Illusion logo

Q:Can Honey Select 2 run on 32-bit Microsoft Windows?

  • No, It  will not work on 32-bit Microsoft Windows


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