Need For Speed ​​Payback Download For PC

Need For Speed Payback Free Download For PC

NFS Payback download full pc game

Need For Speed ​​Payback Free Download is an arcade racing game developed by Ghost Games and released by Electronic Arts in 2017 as the 23rd installment in the long-running Need for Speed ​​series which was first introduced to the public in 1994. More than two decades later this influential game NFS Payback has succeeded in continuing the tradition of the first NFS and giving gamers around the world the opportunity to create their own supercar and engage in fierce pursuits not only against rival pilots, but also against aggressive police forces.

Set in the vast open world environment of Fortune Valley, the fictional version of Las Vegas, Need for Speed ​​Payback PC Download centers around a single player campaign that features not one, but three main characters with their own unique driving skills and preferences. As always, the main story is centered around betrayal and revenge, with the main antagonist being the leaders and drivers of The House, a shady league that has managed to control not only the casinos and criminals in Fortune Valley, but also the police and other officials.

Game story

Need for Speed ​​Payback Download for pc is an open world racing game, but there is an extensive story throughout the game, where you play with three different characters. Ty, Mac and Jess. The story is very cheesy, but takes itself seriously, and is unintentionally funny. The story contains robberies, police chases, betrayals, and everything in between. All three characters play the same, but it’s the cars they can drive that separate them from each other. In all fairness, the story is cheesy, but it’s also silly fun. I wish they’d stayed in the FMV for the latest Need for Speed.

The actual driving of Need for Speed ​​Payback is really tight. It’s a lot more arcade than just a simulation and that’s a good thing. There are more than 70 cars to drive and there are all kinds of cars ranging from fast sports cars to powerful racing cars and powerful off-road cars. The actual racing looks really good, and I think one of the things I master is the drift. That seems fair, but sometimes when you try to swerve, the AI ​​will go out of its way to smash you. This can become very annoying because it happens a lot more than expected.

Need For Speed ​​Payback free download pc game

Need For Speed ​​Payback Gameplay

In Need for Speed ​​Payback PC Download Players have the opportunity to immerse themselves in different types of driving modes and experience the long, story-driven campaign filled with an incredible variety of challenges, driving areas, and environmental challenges (in addition to significant advanced environmental destruction, the game also features a full day and night cycle over the course of 24 hours plus weather effects such as rain). When it comes to Need for Speed ​​Payback content, players can relax simply by exploring the vast and diverse open world and participating in competitions in five distinct categories: Race, Off-Road, Drift, Drag and Runner. One aspect of the game that has been greatly expanded is the ability to upgrade and customize every vehicle in the game (74 vehicles are in the base game, more accessible through DLC packs).

The list of supported cars also includes officially licensed models from Audi, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, Koenigsegg, Pagani and many more. While the gameplay of this title is considered enjoyable and engaging today, critics and players have criticized its missing story, absence of certain events during free play, presence of aggressive microtransactions, and many other features. However, for any player looking for a visually stunning arcade racing game offers hours of fun and the opportunity to drive some of today’s most exciting cars.

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NFS Payback Pc Download

More About The Need For Speed ​​Payback

It’s hard to believe there are so many games in the Need for Speed ​​franchise. With twenty years of over-the-counter releases, the series has been around for a very long time. It’s hard to stay fresh after being in one game market for a long time. Car games can be very realistic or very arcade, and Need For Speed ​​has been on both sides of the story. So, being on both ends of the spectrum, does this game really change anything? More importantly, is Need For Speed ​​Payback Download Full Version doing enough to stay relevant even after the break? While Need For Speed ​​Payback does a lot of things right, most of those things were already there. Sure, the mechanics and missions of the “open world” seem more new than the races, but they were in the previous titles.

Innovation can be a double-edged sword, old fans may struggle to accept drastic changes, but some of the changes have been appreciated. Schematically, the game looks solid, not the best but it does look good. However, mere goodness is not enough to justify hiccups and performance problems. It tends to be more arcade-like than realistic, and that’s okay. But after a short break from the franchise, one would expect them to come up with something more original than this title. It’s a good title, but not great.

Can you believe the Need for Speed ​​franchise is over 20 years old! Additionally, It  is the 23rd game in the franchise. This is actually the second game after EA decided to restart the series. There is so much to do in the world of Need for Speed ​​Payback! The main story is what you’ll spend most of your time doing, but I think EA has gone all out to give us a lot of things to do in the big open world. They brought back the police chases, which is great. It’s a bit linear, as it’s more like a normal race where the cops are chasing you. One thing you can do is smash them and then the game will do that kind of burnout effect which I really liked.

Need For Speed ​​Payback PC Features

Incorporating features such as iconic licensed cars, beautiful storylines, full customization, rival cop and hit settings, and excellent driving action, NFS Payback Download is a highly engaging video game that is sure to keep players strapped to their seats. Also, there are other features that made this episode stand out from the rest of the series. Let’s take a look below:

Variety of cars available

  • Payback offers countless cars to players. Cars are categorized into five groups: racer, off-road, race, drag, and drift. There are specific cards that players must purchase from specific dealers. These cars serve specific battles and cannot be used in other racing modes.

Stunning visuals

  • As it is a racing video game, it is important that NFS Payback includes great visuals to get the audience excited. The game takes place in a dry and dusty casino city. The map covers the outskirts of the city, vast tracts of dry and arid land, with day and night within the game.

Individual visual customization is allowed

  • Once you are in the game and clear a few rounds, you can unlock individual customization options by performing certain random tasks. The game is designed to make players interact and experience the new horizon of Forza. Overall, Need For Speed ​​Payback is a thrilling, exciting and engaging arcade racing game that includes contrived action sequences, horrifying dialogues, police chases, intense battles and action, etc.

Impressive description

  • The new characters introduced in the new NFS series represent the arena of driving imaginations for most players. For example, Tyler is the classic graphic of a street racer. On the other hand, Mac is the epitome of elegance and dynamism. The best part about NFS Payback is that there is more content than ever. Jess, Tyler and Mac, the three iconic characters with their various vehicles and modes truly epitomize the variety of gameplay that is included in this game.

NFS Payback download

Details About Need For Speed ​​Payback PC Game

Name- Need For Speed Payback
Initial release date- 10 November 2017
Engine- Frostbite 3
​​Series- Need for Speed
producers- Jeremy Chubb Patrick Honorati Johan Beetz John Wikberg
platforms- PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows
Developers-  EA Gutenberg
Category-  Racing

NFS Payback PC Requirements


  • Processor: 3.8 GHz Intel i3 6300 or 3.6 GHz AMD FX 8150 with 4 hardware threads
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Hard Disk: 30 GB
  • Video: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 750 Ti, AMD Radeon™ HD 7850, or equivalent DX11-compatible GPU with 2GB of memory
  • DirectX: 11 compatible video card or equivalent
  • Internet connection requirements: 192 kbps or a faster Internet connection


  • Processor: 3.5 GHz Intel i5 4690K or 4.0 GHz AMD FX 8350 with 4 hardware threads
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Hard Disk: 30 GB
  • Video: AMD Radeon™ RX 480 4GB or NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1060 6GB or equivalent DX11-compatible GPU with 4GB memory
  • DirectX: 11 compatible video card or equivalent
  • Internet connection requirements: 512 kbps or faster Internet connection

Pros & Cons


  • The simple story is so funny
  • Many different cars
  • Real driving is fun
  • Drifting feels good
  • There is a lot to be done


  • Suck map package upgrade system
  • Not the most exciting game in the series

How to NFS Payback Download ?

  •  Click on Download button given below
  • Your download will begin. Free installer officially created from
  • Download and install the file, then you can install the game
  •  With a good internet connection, it will be easy to download the game
  •  After the installation is complete, you can enjoy NFS Payback Game Download.
  • If you still have a problem or want to report a bug, feel free to contact us.

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Q:How to play Need For Speed ​​Payback in advance?

  • If you are ready to play this game before its official release, you can play it on either EA Access or Original Access. The game will be available for download on Xbox One and PC from November 2. Players can play this game in the multiplayer version and complete the first two missions. However, if you purchase the NFS Payback Deluxe Edition, you can play this game three days before its release date.

Q:How much does NFS Payback cost?

  • To purchase the Standard Edition, one would have to pay Rs 3,499. However, the Deluxe Edition is priced at Rs 4,799.

Q:How many NFS Payback editions are there?

  • Apart from the standard version of Need For Speed ​​Payback, a deluxe version of the name is also available.

Q:How can a player make NFS Payback faster?

  • During the game, all background applications must be closed. For a better gaming experience, one can upgrade the CPU and RAM.

Q:What platforms are compatible with the game?

  • Need For Speed ​​Payback is compatible with all platforms such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

Final Words !

Need For Speed ​​is one of the most successful gaming franchises out there. Moreover, the latest version of this franchise, NFS Payback is known to be the best among all the installments. Players love its location and layout. Fans all over the world enjoy the many great features that the game has to offer.


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